Friday, February 6, 2015

Math Line Plots

Dear readers,

In math we are learning about line plots.when creating a line plot we use sets of data.It is helpful to put the data in order from lest to greatest when creating a line plot.Then we can create a line plot according to our data. Since our data is in order from least to greatest it is easy to place the data on our line plot.Each number gets its our line on the line plot.When creating a line plot it is important to be passivice on the spacing.When we are looking at a line plot we have to be shear to read or imterpit the information.Each mark on the line plot represents a peace of data that helps us make seance of the data and answer questions.Like (how many students are 50 inches tall). On the line plot it will have the number like in this case 50 on your line plot and how many X or something like that than that is your answer. Line plots help organize information. What is the best use for a line plot? Organizing and collecting data.

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