Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Age of Exploration


It is the year of 1495 and in the mouth of June,a crew and I are going to the new land.I can't wheat to get back with my doter she is only 3 years old,I miss her so much I have never been away for this long but we need the money  On the ship I am a surgeon,My skill of health is a 5 same with my medical Expertise that's 100%.My seamanship was a 1 that's bad and sadly my strength is pore to it is a 2 that is a little beater, My negotiation skill is a 3 and my skill of common sense is a 4.I was stuck eating fat and flower my teeth will be ruend,     

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  1. I really liked how you explained how old your daughter was. Do you have any other family like a husband or a father taking care of your daughter? Well,Goodbye and good luck.