Thursday, October 23, 2014

Surprise Party For Dad!

Ladies and Gentleman,

Please enjoy my personal narrative story!

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“Okay who should we invite” I said as we sat in kaycee`s boring white room with some pitchers in their.
After we argued  decided to plan a surprise party for my dad`s birth day.
After we discuss: who's invited,how much  money it will cost, what food,and the  decorations,plus the  gifts,”We will need some help to get everything we need for the party.” I wondered Hay Colleen can we talk to you  about something?”We said  “Ya sure what do you need?”said colleen“ We were planning a surprise party for  dad, So can you help us?”
“ Yes shur” said Colleen “ Promise you won't tell dad.” I had said. I hope this party works out great I whispered to myself.

          At Dollar Tree   
Kaycee, Rayna, and I all headed  in to dollar tree, “Rayna go to the decorations and choose some,If you need Kaycee or I we will be in the food,okay” I told Rayna “ okay” she replied.  
While  Rayna is getting the decorations, Kaycee and I were getting: fruit, chips, coolad.

At The Party

“ Look there here!” I shouted  “ Everything in its place ” Kaycee asked I responded,” Ya it all good.”  “Hi hi hi hi ” we all said together “set the precincts over their.” I hope my dad likes the party! I thought to myself.We all had a fun time,although the party wasn’t a surprise it was still a good party, and I know that my dad liked the party because he had a smile on his face. I learned that  I could never get anything past my dad but I still try to.

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